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 U.S. Champion Crowned for Batalla de Los Gallos - Nitro Wins

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PostSubject: U.S. Champion Crowned for Batalla de Los Gallos - Nitro Wins   Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:14 pm

On September 23, 2007 New York held what has been considered the staple of Latin Hip Hop events. Red Bull's Batalla De los Gallos produced by was held at Grand Hall in New York City to a crowd of enthusiastic young viewers. A crowd that follows the burgeoning genre of Hip Hop en Espanol, with their favorite MC trying to fight for the crown of the Champion for 2007! The evening began with a Kapoera performance by a group of young dancers dancing to rhythmic beats and chants, bringing something different to what the evening's event would actually have to show.

Judging the Battle this year we had a variety of recognized individuals who lend in their experience and love for the music to the night by being to select who would go on to battle in Venezuela for the World Championship. DJ Wheel Master Rob, a radio host for XM Radio in Washington DC, Johnny Marines a solidified judge for the Batalla since its inception in 2005 has been known to cause a commotion every year for one reason or another but has always been someone to truly bring out the best in the MC's by letting them know what they have done wrong and how to improve their performance. Although Johnny isn't a Hip Hop artist, his years as Manager for the world renowned bachata group Aventura has helped him see all music in many forms and has him becoming the first official certified judge of MC Battles in Espanol. Jiggiri Records, Tego Calderons Record label lend a hand in this years final by providing Chyno Nyno as a judge! Chyno which has a big following in the Genre of Latin Hip Hop brought real world experience to the panel as being known to have had many battles with various known artists in the past. Lastly Moe was the fourth and final judge for this year and bringing it to a complete panel of real judges that made it clear that if the MC's didn't bring it, they weren't going no where.

As 2007 comes near an end we have noticed that music is taking a huge turn and changing once again, Latin music is now experiencing what so many have been waiting for and this evening was a testament to just that! With the majority of the Finalist hailing from the Dominican Republic it doesn't faze anyone in realizing that the genre is going to be a huge success, especially since primarily all of the hottest and most recognized Latin Hip Hoppers are from DR. Cielo representing for the ladies at this years event was not just the only female to compete at the batalla this year but she was also a finalist to try and win the crown, although failing to make it out of the first round Cielo was actually only one of two to stick to the topic method being used at this years event, she fought a great battle but only to lose to Sammi Cultura the defending champion.

The first round would be one to remember; knocking out some of the best MC's in the genre and proving that you can spit good, but you can not always improvise great! Tailon which in many opinions was one of the favored to win the entire battle was also knocked out in the first round, but only to the Semi Finalist of 2006's Batalla and the one who would go on to win 2007's Championship! A long battle which went through three rounds of fire and the evening lead up to a semi-final that would have people waiting in suspense to see who would go on to the final to take on Nitro! Criminal G which was one of the hottest MC's to touch the mic through out the night lead into what took four rounds to come to a decision. Battling Sammi Cultura, Criminal G put on what would be one of the evenings best battles. Spitting fire from one to the next each MC proving they had the skills to take it, but a decision has always got to be made. And with a unanimous decision which took many by surprise Sammi came out the victor to go on to what seemed to be what everyone was waiting for, rematch of last years Final between Sammi Cultura and Nitro!

A long route for both MC's, a full year since the last had seen each other and much less battled! Having fought some very hard rounds to achieve what only two others have accomplished throughout the years, and that is make it to the finals. This year would prove which would be the best and have the chance to show his talents world wide. Nitro having lost last year had his chance to redeem his loss and prove he was a strong lyricist. Everyone knew the battle would be one to remember, and it was none the less the best battle of the evening. Both MC's going through three rounds sticking to the topics they were giving and improvising in a way that only poets can duplicate. Finally coming down to one final battle where the judges decided to let them battle it out and truly prove their street credibility. The crowd favorite Nitro was hard at work competing against last years champion, both MC's having brought their A game and formidably competing against one another. Although this final would not be won by unanimous decision, Sammi Cultura would not be holding onto the championship for another year, Nitro would go on to take the victory and will represent not only the United States in Venezuela, but also the Dominican Republic which is now at the forefront of the entire Latin Hip Hop Movement.

The battle now moves to Venezuela where the winner will challenge last years Champ and the rest of the MC's from across the Latin America. This year has been one for the books, and it will be another year that proves Latin Hip Hop is really here and it will remain here as well. Real Dominican, Killer & Brasa all great MC's proved to the world they had what it took to make it to the finals and now along with all the rest of the finalists and winner make up for the Top Ranked MC's in Latin Hip Hop in the United States. So keep an eye out because what you will see next will only rewrite History!

Hector "Heist" Alvarez
Si No Sabias, Nao Yu No!
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U.S. Champion Crowned for Batalla de Los Gallos - Nitro Wins
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