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 Tito El Bambino keeps it coming with 'Its My Time'

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PostSubject: Tito El Bambino keeps it coming with 'Its My Time'   Tue Oct 09, 2007 1:32 am

By Quinee Butler

October 02, 2007

Tito El Bambino has been a driving force in the Reggaeton music industry since his career as a singer first began. Tito had a uniquely high melodic voice that has been very influencial in the Reggaeton genre. Many of Reggaeton’s newer fans claim that it was Tito’s song 'Duele' that got them hooked on Reggaeton. As He grew older and his voice went through changes, but he still maintained momentum with then partner, Hector El Father, throwing out radio hit after radio hit.

After his split with Hector, many fans waited anxiously for Tito’s First production, “Top Of The Line”. It was no surprise when the album came out that Tito had proved himself worthy as a solo artist. With hits like ‘Caile’ and ‘Mia’, there was no doubt that Tito could hit homes runs with his music whether he was a Solo artist or not. He makes his own music, he designs his own clothing line, what other hidden talents is he hiding from us?

Whether you are new to Reggaeton music or a fanatic, any production of Tito El Bambino is well worth buying. Today October 2, Tito has yet released another great album, “Its My Time.” Reggaeton fans definitely agree that it’s Tito’s time as well with songs like, ‘En La disco’ and ‘La Busco’. There is never a dull moment listening to this CD. Once again Tito has proven to the world that He and well as the Reggaeton genre aren’t going anywhere.
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Tito El Bambino keeps it coming with 'Its My Time'
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